Sphider News

Work continues on Version 2.3.0 (Classic & PDO)

End of year 2018 - Development work for Sphider 2.3.0, both classic and PDO, continues. The primary focus of this release will be security improvements. Also, the configuration control panel will see new features for greater flexibility. The expected target for release is February 2019.

Version 2.2.0 released for Sphider Classic and PDO

3 December 2018 - Sphider 2.2.0, both classic and PDO, were released. The main feature of this release is improved usability by mobile users.

Updates discontinued for SQLite and PostgreSQL

1 December 2018 - The decision was made not to produce any new updates for the SQLite and PostgreSQL forks of Sphider. They are frozen at release 2.1.0. There just hasn't been sufficient demand to make the time and effort required to maintain these "novelties" worthwhile. User support will still be provided via the forum.