Sphider News

Sphider 3.3.0-MB has been released

7 September 2019 - The database was altered to provide foreign key restraints. The admin functions were simplified to take advantage of database control provided by the added restraints. Sphider functionality is identical to the prior version.

Sphider 3.2.1-MB has been released

3 August 2019 - A fix was made to correct index omissions of words containing certain compound characters.

Sphider 3.2.0-MB has been released

16 June 2019 - A fix was made to correct missing keyword-link relationships. New features are the ability to set a minimum score for search results and the ability to use a 5 star system to rank the relevancy of results. Iframe support has been added.

Sphider 3.1.1-MB and 2.4.2-PDO has been released

16 May 2019 - A fix was made to correct indexing of words composed of non-English characters.

Sphider 3.1.0-MB and 2.4.2-PDO have been released

15 May 2019 - Sphider 3.1.0-MB replaces both Sphider 2.4.1 and 3.0.0-MB. Like 3.0.0-MB, 3.1.0-MB is multibyte string capabable, but without the requirement for the PHP mbstring extension. If mbstring is present, it will be used. If not, it will be emulated. Several character set encoding issues have been resolved, word recognition improved, more reliable meta description indexing, and presentational improvements have been made. Sphider 2.4.2-PDO has eliminated the possibility of certain UTF-8 characters being misinterpreted as ISO-8859-1. As previously announced, the PDO branch will remain available and critical fixes will be made as needed, but no future product enhancements are planned.

Versions 2.4.1, 2.4.1-PDO, and 3.0.0-MB have been released

29 April 2019 - Sphider 2.4.1 and 2.4.1-PDO are maintenance releases. Primary code changes involve how SQL errors are reported in the event a statement preparation fails. Preparation errors should never occur, but better to have good information in the off-chance it does happen. Also, a coding error introduced in 2.4.0 that prevented indexing from a browser in some instances has been corrected.

Sphider 3.0.0-MB is actually 2.4.1 with one BIG change... String handling is now equipped to handle multi-byte character strings. Since the PHP mbstring extension is used, and some hosts do not always provide this extension, Sphider 3.0.0-MB may not run for everyone. Also, being the beginning of a new approach to indexing and searching, some people may feel more comfortable sticking with what they KNOW will work! We feel this will ultimately prove to be the better way.

Version 2.4.0 Released, Legacy and PDO

10 April 2019 - Sphider 2.4.0 has completely re-worked the settings table, giving a number of new search options. Word stemming has been updated and now works with a number of languages other than English. A number of bugs have been corrected. The selection of search templates has been changed with elimination and replacement for the majority.

Downloads of SQLite and PostgreSQL to end

16 March 2019 - The download links for the SQLite and PostgreSQL editions of Sphider will be removed in April. Forum support for these editions will continue.

Version 2.3.1 Released, Legacy and PDO

5 March 2019 - Sphider 2.3.1 has corrected the issue with indexing and searching for words composed of non-Western characters.

Version 2.3.0 Distribution on Hold

4 March 2019 - Sphider 2.3.0 is being re-evaluated due to some unresolved issues with searches in foreign languages. The 2.2.0 versions are still available in the interim.

Version 2.3.0 Released

25 Feb 2019 - Sphider 2.3.0 and 2.3.0-PDO have been released. Consult the change logs to see what's new in this release. The Sphider User Guide is no longer included in the download packages, but is still available as a separate download. The User Guide has also been updated to reflect the changes.

Updates discontinued for SQLite and PostgreSQL

1 December 2018 - The decision was made not to produce any new updates for the SQLite and PostgreSQL forks of Sphider. They are frozen at release 2.1.0. There just hasn't been sufficient demand to make the time and effort required to maintain these "novelties" worthwhile. User support will still be provided via the forum.