The roots of Sphider go back to 2005 when Ando Saabas made the first release. Releases continued to be made into 2009. Since then, with a single security fix in 2013, Sphider has gone unsupported. There have been a number of forks in the original code since that time. Sphider-Pro and Sphider-Plus are the most notable examples, but both are paid versions. Beginning in 2015, began making improvements to the original Sphider and making the newer versions available without charge. The current version is 4.2.0-MB (Lite 2.2.0).

Sphider is made available without any warranty, although support is provided the best we can, via the forum. Other users are invited to leaves tips, suggestions, or lend aid as they see fit.


Operating system support

PHP Support

PHP Extensions

Database support

Spidering and indexing